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What will people think?

What's being a Jesus Freak about? Being one, I thought deeply about what it meant to me.

Setting popular belief aside, being a Jesus Freak isn't about being at church everyday for hours. Don't get me wrong though, sometimes I am. I mean afterall, a church is just a building. A roof held up by walls. People are the real church.

It's about giving your everything to God and living your life for him. Setting aside selfish motives for a higher cause. And what higher cause is there than God?

It's about seeing everyday as an oppurtunity to change lives. To make a difference wherever you go. To be a light to the world.

It's about changing. I know first hand the changes that God makes in people. I know I've changed alot. People tell me it alot lately.

It's about becoming not of this world. You know those t-shirts? NOTW? That's what it's about. Not caring what the world thinks about you or says. Realizing that your gifts aren't on this earth. This world has nothing for you. All blessings are from God.

Being a Jesus Freak was the best things that I've ever done with my life. I've been given a joy that can only come from God.

Want it too?
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