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I'm Found

Lately I've been going through a spiritual dry for several reasons. None that I wish to name but I'll just say reasons for the sake of lack-of-drama.

I've been praying to meet a Jesus Freak. A guy Jesus Freak. That I could become brothers with, so to speak. I started getting technical and asked for someone bigger and taller than me.

If you don't know me, I'm 6'3; 230lbs. I'm a big guy. And I wanted someone to look up to. Litterally and figurativley.

I decided to attend church instead of helping out with the youth ministry today. Good decision. I talked to God.

"Your looking for someone bigger than you. That you can confide in and look up to? I am bigger than you could ever imagine."

It was something like that.

I think I got what God's been saying for so long. And for the spiritual dry is over.

God Bless
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