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It's Like Gravity's Make-Believe

It’s Like Gravity’s Make-Believe

Walking through this field of innocence and magic lands
I can almost feel like I could touch the angel’s wings
These heavy feet covered in dirt feel just a bit lighter
Chains broken; the weights lifted; like gravity’s imaginary
I’ve been caught in a never-ending vertical momentum
It’s like for the first time gravity’s imaginary again

As I walk across this world of sky-blue lines and ink
It’s like I found everything in those nails and that cross
Hands that caused the world to fall and chains to break
Faces upturned; the ink’s starting the dry finally
Feeling like the wolf on display for another day again
Yet I know that there’s something about their staring eyes

I find the pace across the roads of that make-believe land
Like the cry of the world caught up in a single choir aloud
The feeling of experience of all the walls about to fall
The rush begins and the rest just seems to fade to black
Everything felt as if the world had given up on all its law
The law to tell us that we could never fly above

Every pain that we’ve ever felt was nailed to that tree
The savior that conquered to finally let love it
We walked across this barren garden once before
But we found it again and it’s been reborn again
This feeling that’s gone against every natural law created
It’s like gravity’s make-believe once again
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