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Music rocks. I love music. I love playing guitar. My fingers are all caulloused. But getting back, music has such a dominant impact in my life and everyone elses. Think about it, when your sad you listen to a sad song and when you're happy you listen to something upbeat. Here's a hint: When you're sad, listen to a happy song. I know there's songs that changed my life. Here they come!

All For Love - Hillsong United
They played this song on the first night of camp. I was still not a Jesus Freak back then but something about this song pulled me. For the first time, I actually worshiped when I sang it. I lifted my hands to God and the words I said had a meaning behind it. A meaning that changed my life.

Shout Unto God - Hillsong United
This is probably one of the most powerful songs that I have ever heard. It's simple but at the same time, what it says cannot be denied. This is a warcry. The words are a cry of victory from the Christ's army. This song just changed me and my outlook on everything.

Let it Rain - ???
There's only two lines of to this song but it still moved through me. This was after God just took me into his arms and I let him into my life. The moment after. Where I was just bawling and cracking-up at the same time. This was the moment where I actually connected. It clicked. I loved.

There are tons more. Way to many to name. But let's get back. Isn't that what music is supposed to do. Stir something in you? Change you. Leave you with something that you didn't have before? Just something to think about.
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