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Stop Killing My Generation.

I went to Aquire the Fire over the weekend and it was awesome! Like really, really awesome. I got alot out of it that I wasn't expecting to get. I got the tickets and was like: It'll be like Harvest Crusade right? Music. Message. Getting Closer to God. Yeah, it had all of those things but it had so much more.

The first night; I prayed that God would speak to me through something in the message or songs. He did; but it was when I was thinking; Maybe he just doesn't have anything to say.


The world just seems to be all about that now-a-days. Branding you. Eveything. From the clothes you wear, to the things you say, to how you act, and what you drink. Sure we say: I'm just being what I want to be. But every think that maybe your being who they want you to be and telling yourself that it's what you want? Even though I am a Jesus Freak; things had branded me, without me even thinking about it. So I gave it up.

All of it.

All of things that branded me and gave me an identity set apart from Christ. My only brand now: God. God is all I live for and the only one who's worth living for too. To tell the world abour Christ.

I'm in the 4% of evangelistic Christians, forever.

So I learned something else. Our generation is being killed. By corporations and big-name buisness who seek a profit off our destruction. So I'm fed up with them. We need to take back what is our generation. Stop letting movies, music, celebrities, and magazines tell you what "the look" is. How to be sexy. How to get that guy/girl. How to be accepted. Drop them.

So hey: MTV, VH1, BET, Vougue, Victoria's Secret, Seventeen, and all you other comapines that seek to tell us what is in, what the look is, and all that. Could you do us a favor...?

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