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To retreat is taken as a negative but in all senses, that's exacly what I needed to do. I'd been caught up in a rut that I feel into by my own thinking. School put things on me that I really didn't need and I was collapsing under the pressure. To just get away, a hundred miles from the city and just be under the cold gray sky in the snow, was what I needed and what I got.

I'm in a state of awe about God. Just thinking about him makes me stop and feel like I'm back at Winter Retreat; where God was active. But God's active everywhere. Speaking and loving.

I was asking for prayers to be answered that God had already answered. I didn't notice though. I was too caught up in trying to be perfect.

I learned this week that at our retreat, none of us are perfect. We have our quirks and our problems but even in that, God still loves us. Where we're at and who we are.

Perfection isn't needed. That's what Grace is.
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