No Disclaimer (nodisclaimer) wrote,
No Disclaimer


Is it okay to lie? To hurt yourself if you know it hurts others? To say things you don't mean. Or am I just making little concious desicions that are tearing me apart. This life has drained me of all that I once had and I feel dry and broken, lying face-down in the middle of the highway, bleeding. Waiting for fire. Waiting for faith to come my way.

God promised that in times where I lack faith, he'll give it to me. I'm waiting for that. Right now, I'll bleed. I'll fall.

Fall away cause life scares me too much. I'll turn away and hide my face from it. I'll lie and tell them that I'm okay. When in truth only a few people have seen past that now and to what I'm going through.

Youth leaders, four close friends and God. I'm ready for you. Surgery hurts when you're under the knife, the doctor forget to stabalize your heartbeat. Squirm as the play around inside of you, laughing at your pain.

Life sucks sometimes. Let's face it. Or even better. Let's "faith" it. Puns suck too by the way.
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