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I'm bleeding for this sensibility to find myself in a senseless worldly place. Ever wish you could skip to the ending and see how things added up in the end. Like a spiral ruling over you. When did I get so poetic? Dang, all my last entries seem to all poetic and stuff. Oh well.

I suffocate myself in you as the light draws the life from me. Your holding onto my heart tight. The scars remained and remind me still of the pain that haunts my memory. I’m open again. Feeling the weight is lifting, I know, my world is ending. I'll be the cancer to this quaint social scene and I'll make sure you're all happy before I leave. Bang. My stitches are splitting at the seams and my heart is bleeding for you. Because all I need is you.

Dude, sounds dark and depressing. But they've left by now. They're gone. Illiterate morons.

To sum it up? My darkness is ending and I see the thin golden line on the horizion. Through the night and rains that lasted for so long, I hear whispers: "I'm with you." That's good enough till I see the sun again. Till I can taste the warmth and leave howling at the moon behind. [werewolf analogies. ohyeah.]

God's coming and he's coming fast. I'll be ready. I'm ready for the fire again. It's coming.

"I'm still with you..."
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