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No Disclaimer


Drop that bomb and get your hand of the trigger because God is ready to rock your world.

I've come to learn something over the past two months; the defenition of a season. For about two months I've gone through a season of burning, screaming, and a genocide of every joy that I had in my life. But I learned I could fall farther and I did.

There were moments where I was like: "Oh this has to be over. I feel better." But I was fooling myself. Truth was I was looking for things in the wrong places. I was looking for things in the world. But I couldn't find myself or what I'd lost.

On Saturday night, I made, what you might call a bet with God that when something to the effect God *expletive expletive expletive* I am serious. If I don't get it back. If I don't have this back together by the end of Sunday night then I am walking away, no disclaimers on my part or yours.

Secretly? I thought, Psh, yeah God's going to take me seriously with that. I was actually thinking that he wasn't going to show. He proved me wrong and he did. Guess he did listen. Or was listening. Always was.

God is ready to rock my world. And your world. I didn't do to well these last few weeks but I got things back on track now. Jesus Freak. HXC Christian. Whatever you want to call me, go ahead, beacause most likely it's true.

Ready to Rock? I am. So expect amazing things.

No one gets my name. So I'll explain. God is a God of no disclaimers. No fine print. Everything is out there for you to look over. "I have amazing plans and blessings for you all I want? Everything. For if you keep your life, you'll lose it, but if you lose your life, you'll gain it." Once you have that, there's no fine print of: Oh, and you have to be perfect and never mess up or I'm taking all of this back. I signed my name or he did in a book for life.


I'm serious God's going TO ROCK MY WORLD!
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