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The Balancing Act.

Live's been difficult for the past two months. My family's going through alot of stuff and it's definetly been a test of faith for me. Still, I find that in situations like this it's best that you trust that God has it all worked out for the best. I look back on things now in my past and see how my life was leading up to the Summer of 06' where I became a Jesus Freak. Small decisions I made hit it in the long run.

God's awesome like that.

Trying to find time to answer to higher calling that Christ calls me for, and still dealing with the normal things teenagers go through. It's about priorities. School's important. I love my friends. Alyssa's beautiful. But God still has that top spot in my life. Sorry guy's. I know you understand.

Trust God guys, it's the only way to live.
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