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I've been thinking, which I do often and I made a list of memories that are really awesome for me. A few of them are big things and a few of them are little ones but they're all precious to me.

Summer 06' when I became a Jesus Freak. That has to be the best one out of all of them. All the emotions and all the peace I never felt before. That's something that I'm not going to forget...ever. As I go on I'll always keep that in mind that "I don't belong here." To quote Switchfoot; I'll carry the cross and sing a song where I don't belong.

Me Destiny, Paul and Mariah (Destiny's sister) were in Destiny's car driving back from her party at the beach. We were in this residential district and Paul decided to do something he called: "Street Witnessing." Where basically he stuck his head (and half of his body) out of the window and started sharing the good news of Christ's death and ressurection. I got into it and we spent fifteen minutes just shouting out. Fun times.

Me, Grant and Catherine were crossing the street once to get to the Bradford House where we were working that night. Um...well J-Walking actually and we almost got hit by a cop car. That was fun stuff. Really freaky though. The cop must have thought that too cause he didn't give us a ticket or even stop. Glad God's watching out for us or else we coulda died!

I was at Harvest Crusade with Kristina and Ruthie. Nuff said. Good music. Great (more than great) message. That was a time that I won't forget. I still owe Kristina money for that T-shirt though. Amplify God's glory to everyone.

Staying up late with Brittney, Paul, Brittney, and Kevin at Kevin's house. That was fun. We watched V for Vendetta and threw food at eachother and talked about God. Good times. Good times.

I went to camelot with Matt, Christian, Catherine, Josh, Tsuki, Grant, Lexi, and Kristina. That was fun stuff. We all played miniature golf but mostly just threw the balls around the court. Then one went into the fountain and we went fountain swimming. That was good. Then we all switched jackets for random reasons and took pictures. We went a played Lazer Quest and that was fun. Forget who won but we were all running around like crazy. Then the empidemy of it, when we all tried to squeeze into a photobooth and take pictures. We managed don't ask. We everyone else went home and it was just me and Kristina, we had the coolest Jesus Freak talk ever.

I could go on and on but there all just little things that you probably can't see all the fun in. I can though. God's given me alot and that's why I give everything I have for him. He died for me, So I live for him. Keep living intentionally guys. Carry a cross and sing a song where you don't belong.

God Bless.
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