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Rebirthing. Remix. Revised.

It's funny.

There's one person that's been such a postive influence on my life; and I don't even know if they know that. They invited me to church. Not just like a normal thing, but constantly. Persistently. Until I'd give in a go. They'd just show love to me when I was living in a time of my life when everything was just falling apart. And he was doing Christ's will for his life the entire time. I saw Christ through them for the first time maybe.

Now. Remix. Rebirth. Revise.

About a year later, and my life's been changed drastically. Everything in it and all I can think about sometimes is how I can tell people about Christ. God's funny I discovered.

Now I bug one of my friends, and others but this one mainly, about coming to chruch. Coming to youth group. Coming to bible study. And I do my best to show this guy Chirst. The ironic part: I've switched roles with the first person. Now I'm it that one's shoes. And I know how they felt.

The love. The compassion. The pulling. The desperation to see them change. And the complete joy you feel when you know something's moving. Let's see this work out.

Remix it. Rebirth it. Revise it. Pass it on. So on. That's what we're called to do after all. Pass it on. Take our love for Christ and have it overflow onto others so they have it too. If we all did that; our world would tottaly be: Remixed. Rebirthed. and Revised.
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