No Disclaimer (nodisclaimer) wrote,
No Disclaimer


Lithium is an antidepressent and it is know for being incredibly addictive. Most doctors won't perscribe it anymore cause it has such a dramatic effect and it is so addicting. But it's definetly a mood stabilizer.

Thought I should explain that before I go into a whole analougous spiel about it. I write this way so it can be open for interpretation and so that no one gets all 'eh' about what's written. Or offended cause it's not all politically correct.

I'll inject lithium into my thoughts by now to stabalize them and balance them. The glaze over and fight them. But when the buzz is gone I'm left back at square one. Little lithium doses of things, people, places, words, and sounds. But lithium is dead.

The line has turned global and wrapped around a vast outcasted land of a run-down city, left after a long battle. It'll take time to rebuild, but with the light once again, building can begin. Or start in some cases.

Smile at that thought now. God loves you. God is undeniable. God is there. Can you forget who he is? Yes. Can you ignore him? Yes. Can you escape him? No. He's everywhere. So run to him not away. It's hard to run from air.

Are we just addicted to lithium after all? Aren't many of us? Lithium leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and a burning on your tounge. So fall and smile. And leave your "pills" behind.

Lithium sucks. God's better.
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