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Reinventing the Exit

Taken from the jaws of a werewolf cleverly disguised as a high school student

No Disclaimer
First and foremost, I'm a Jesus Freak and their ain't no disguising the truth. I'll look at the blessings and that will keep me going. To fight. To go. To live.

Second, i love randomness. If life was always expected it would get boring! Just look at my list of intrests. Unpopped popcorn kernels. Why don't they pop while all the others do? I wonder if the popcorn kernel ever feels sad when it doesn't pop and its doomed to sit at the bottom of the bucket/bowl never to be eaten. That's why I eat the kernel's too, so they don't feel bad. Brown M&Ms. Why? Why brown? Why not purple? Or clear? Brown's boring. Locked doors, closed windows, empty houses. Why are they locked and closed? Who closed them? Why did they close them? My left show. It always seems to get a hole in it. Boiling water. Ooh! The fun. :]

Third, music is cool. I mostly like Christian rock or worship music. After all, music was originally designed for God. My favorite bands are things like underOATH, Kutless, War of Ages, and Hillsong. There are many, many other bands though. I play the acoustic guitar. Which also influences my musicial tastes. Such as Chris Tomlin, Jack Johnson, Matt Kearney, Jeremy Camp and others.

Fourthy...ly? I love art and writing. I love to draw. I do it all the time. Even during lectures. Which explains my grades. I usually draw anime-style art. It's usually pictures for my friends or my church but I'm also working on a series of art pieces called SAVED. They're pretty awesome if you ask me. I write alot too. A little bit of lyrics but mostly stories. I love writing fantasy stuff.

I have a sense of humor that only a very small amount of people get. It's random and usually doesn't make much sense. It consists of dumb jokes but I still laugh at them. :] How do yo uspell China? Uh...uh...Qylfi!!! No! Wait! XD

God bless.